S&M Wedding Franco-American

A wedding in the south-west intimate and french-americain, Emma our wedding planner show you this successful bet. 


What to stay about this wonderful couple ! they are fun, beautiful and sweet !! This wedding in the south-west was the first of the Emma’s carreer, our wedding planner. A moment that could have marked her so much on the emotional that magical that she provocated on generous bride and the groom, beautiful, and especially magically.


Be wedding planner in Bordeaux, it’s even organise international wedding.


With our wheelbarrow beer fetish for this favorite wedding, because yes a wheelbarrow it’s south-west and its fun a wheelbarrow beer. A decoration around all of the town of the world where S&M had been in love. An original idea and generous come from USA to remplace traditional gifts : The bride and groom did a donation to cartitative association. A surprise flashmob from the guests as Taylor swift.


Thanks to all of us for this wedding and particularly to the bride and the groom for your trust, your smile and your hysterical laughter.



Copyright : JD Photography

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 « My now husband is American and I am French and we live in SF. When we decided to get married in Bordeaux it became quickly obvious that we needed someone to help us organize our wedding. We spoke with several wedding planners – all very nice, but Emmanuelle was THE one: at the very first call we had, she was so enthusiastic and honest that she convinced her that we should hire her as our wedding planner. We were not disappointed at all!!! We took the “A a Z” option where Emmanuelle plans for your wedding and is around the day of. Emmanuelle got us amazing service providers: music, flowers, make up, hairstyle, photographer, etc everything was perfect. She showed to be very flexible, being in close contact despite the 9hr time difference. The day of, Emmanuelle handled EVERYTHING! we just had to enjoy – it was perfect!! Thanks Emmanuelle!!! »

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