R&A Wedding among the vineyards

A gay wedding in vineyards from Saint Emilion

Joyful, chic, cosmopolitan and eclecticism ! We celebrate Love of all ways and genders. We love people whatever are they. R&A has been awesome grooms with the château de Garde in the middle of vineyards as place to celebrate this D day.  ( near to Saint-Emilion. ) This gay wedding in a castle was in our full DNA identity with also a cosmopolitan way  because men living in London. One is french, the other is british, the wedding was split between sunny and rainy day ! with a british style and french arrogance. Everything was à fifty-fifty mood except our guests and grooms was fully dynamic and sexy of powerful  !

Love is beautiful in the vineyards, and more when the love is celebrate in the South-West. With almost one hundred guests, this wedding was in July 2019 by our wedding planner Emma who have organized and coordinated this big day. And we can see on the pics the mood of the day was just sparkly and joyful ! We are so glad to celebrate this kind of love, and so happy as R&A gave their confidence to manage their gay wedding in vineyards.

For others wedding in the vineyards, come there !

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” The only person you need to hire in Bordeaux to make your wedding day become real. Emma from M Creation Events planed our wedding in Château De Garde in Moulon on July 2019. We are a gay couple living in London, a French and a British man.

We’ve organized a legally ceremony in London as we could legitimate and face the issue, but we planned our dream wedding in Bordeaux / St Emilion, France since forever, because we have visited friends sometimes in this particular area and I loved it.

Emma, our wedding planner was the first thing we planned for our French wedding, finding her highly recommended online. We liked Emma from the first debate we had on Skype. She gets exactly what we were looking for and from this time, she managed everything for us: best place, perfect catering, wonderful landscape and entertainment. She is very professional and make this experience very fun at the time.

We have laughed every time we visited her in Bordeaux. Our wedding day, after 6 weeks of dry day, storms came the day before and affects our initial plans. Emma takes the lead when she arrives at the morning and moved everything. We believe the wedding was better than expected. All of our 100 guests said everything during the day was perfect down to the finest details!

Our experience with Emma was really fantastic. We recommend her to every person who want to get married in particular if you’re not around. If you celebrate in this French area, Emma should be the first people you better booked! Emma wasn’t only our wedding planner, but she became a very good friend. We will be grateful forever to make our day that extraordinary. “

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