R&J Wedding Anglo-Basque and the Bollywood touch

This wedding is the meeting between a beautiful english with indian’s origin and  a lovely spanish basque.


M Creation Events present you wedding’s organisation multicultural of R&J. This last wedding of 2016’s season had a connotation very particularly. The bride and groom living in Bordeaux since one year only and with close friend who didn’t speak french, they decided very quickly that Emmanuelle will be their witness for the civil wedding. A beautiful relation planner-bride and groom will start.


After a wedding at the city hall of Bordeaux, head to the reception castle to strat the preparations. A multicultural, half-indian, half-basque wedding where all the guests from England, India  and Spain played the dress code game.

Emmanuelle having had the pleasure of being completely revamped by the bride. A simple but colorful decoration in the colors of these two cultures. An indian cateres and basque wine to honor each family. Finaly an ABSOLUTELY magical and incredible moment when Indians and Basques decided to compete in a dance battle on Bollywood : pure hapiness !


The next day, a ceremony full of emotion in english and spanish. A wine tasting. Then a cocktail  in front of the castle, an outdoor dinner in the park and a dance party hosted by a live band.

The perfect conclusion for this beautiful wedding in a vineyard in Gironde.


Copyright :  Vincent Hebet 

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 « Where to begin with Emmanuelle! She has succeeded in planning one of the best weekends of my life! Three days of Spanish and English/Indian festivities! Emmanuelle has always been on the other end of the phone, email and even helped us plan late into the evening at our home on many occasions (with a couple of glasses of vin rouge to help us along our way ;)!

There is no doubt that this wedding would not have happened without the hard work of Emmanuelle! We are forever grateful for all you have done for us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! We love you!!! ♥♥♥

R & J xxx »

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