A&M Wedding

Wedding at the Demeure du Siècle


A&M decided to celebrate their wedding at the Demeure du Siècle in Cap-Ferret. A venue familiar to our wedding planner who was the first to organize a wedding there in 2016.

Emmanuelle, was for the first time recommended by the father of a 2021’s bride,  who is none other than the godfather of A, the bride.

The newlyweds are living between Switzerlands and Paris, the organization took place over distance during one year.


A ceremony at the magnificent Chapel of the Villa Algérienne at Cap-Ferret

A&M had a protestant religious ceremony with gospel music at the Chapel of the Villa Algérienne. A chapel renowned for its byzantine architecture and created by the Lesca’s family, owners of the Demeure du Siècle too.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds left by a pinace boat, the traditional emblematic boat of the Bassin d’Arcachon for their arrival at the Demeure du Siècle.


A&M, soul music fans

The gospel group welcomed A&M with soul live music as they arrived with a pinace from the bassin.

The dinner and tent party featured a dj, saxophonist and violonist.

During the meal, the violonist, Melanie, surprised everyone by playing with a looper. This involves recording an instrumental or vocal part and creating live music.


Wedding decoration 

At the newlyweds’s request, the floral composition featured foliage and touches of white flowers that graced the dinner tables and decorated the tent ceiling.

The florist took advantage of the opportunity to glean natural foliage from the park of the Demeure to complete the decoration.


Guests gifts 

The newlyweds wanted to highlight the Bassin d’Arcachon by offering to their guests an oyster rest and an oyster knife personnalized with their names.


Venue : Demeure du Siècle

Photographer and copyright : Sandra Hygonnenc 

Florist : Les Muettes Rieuses

Caterer : Humblot

Dessert : Dunes Blanches

Tent : Velum Event

Dj : Mr.C / K Music

Videographer : Timothé Lucas

Furniture and tableware : Options Bordeaux and Maison Options

Stationnery : Cotton Bird 

Makeup & Hairstyle : Jean-Manuel


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