P&P Wedding From a oyster house to private villa in Cap-Ferret

A Cap-Ferret wedding ? That was i 2019 with a complete organization of the P&P wedding in an oyster house ( specialist seafood restaurant on the West-Coast )  and private villa in 10 months in Cap Ferret, the guests were invited to join in an oyster house for the ceremony on the basin. Followed by a cocktail party in the oyster house. Then, they was surprised to discover the second place : a private villa with swimming pool for the rest of the cocktail party as well as the meal and the dance party, where a dance floor was set up. Our DJ and bartender just had to set the mood for the night.

Location : Private villa in Cap-Ferret / oyster house sea food restaurant

Florist : Sophie Gomes De Miranda 

Bartender : No more penguins

Copyright : Florent Aupetit

Having a wedding ceremony in an oyster house, this is one of the reasons why we love originality …

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Emma is simply a magician, who knew how to make of our wedding with professionalism, investment and brilliance a PERFECT moment!!!!

She was a remarkable conductor, allowing us to live wonderful moments with our loved ones!!!! The providers she works with are also excellent!

To advise with your eyes closed!!!

P&P <3

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